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Pokedex: Ninetales by JoJoesArt

At first the whole piece:
It's a great drawing and it gives a good feeling of those two being realistic animals and still they are looking like pokemon. And like I already mentioned on your Gyarados picture, I really like the pokedex design. It's simply nice to look at and not annoying so the main focus is still on Vulpix and Ninetales. And again a really simple background, which contains some blue. Really well chosen because the cool color is a nice contrast the the warmth in the picture.

Now the colors:
I really like the colors you chose. Mostely that you shaded Ninetales with a purple which is a good contrast to the warm colors. I also like the fire effect at it's tails, even though I need to say it looks like all tails moved into the same direction at once. You may should have tried to make the fire follow the tails cuves a bit. But I also need to say I like the transition between the main fur color and the color of the tail tips. And even though Ninetails has no darker paws I think you chose that well. It simply makes it looking a bit more realistically.
Next about Vulpix. I like the whole coloring, and most of it the soft brown eyes. You chose well not to give it's eyes such strong black outlines like Ninetales' has. I also like the soft white muzzle Vulpix has, but I dislike that you gave it brighter fur at the paws. After all Vulpix has darker fur on it's paws, and in my opinion you should have drawn them darker instead of brighter. Except that nothing else about Vulpix I dislike when it comes to the colors.

Like I already mentioned I like the cool colors you chose for Ninetales' shading. You may should have used some more purple/blue colored shadows on Vulpix, because standing next to each other Ninetales looks much more affected by shadows than vulpix. Except that I really like your shading. Mostly because it's really detailed. I feel like able to see some main muscles and still they look like they have a lot of fur. Really well done shading.

The outlines can be seen and still are color matching and get barely noticed. Like that they perfectly help getting sharp edges (nothing is worse then too 'soft' drawings I think) and still it doesn't look like you are having a real lineart. It simply looks like an outline created by natural light.

Here I can explain why I'd give the originality only 3 and half a star. In my opinion those two poses are a bit boring. The two characters are on the same picture but seem not to interact with each other, and that would have been something I really would have liked to see. And here I need to mention the flames on the tail again. They seems like there'd be a strong movement, but the pose makes Ninetales seem like it stopped moving already. So... I'd really prefer the two interacting. After all they simply look a bit like mother and her cub, and on this picture they look like two characters that were drawn on two different pictures and then put on one. A good thing about the pose is to mention though. It's about Ninetales' tales. I really like how you manages to get them all looking fluffy and still not too fat or too thin. And the poses of the tails are great too. Same with the 'mane', I really like the way it is. When it comes to Vulpix' tail and 'mane' I wish it would have been more animal like. They really look like it used curler. A bit less perfect curled may would have looked better. But maybe it's just me seeing it like that.

A few last words:
I really like this picture, and you sure worked hard on it. Don't worry, it was worth it. This picture really is worth being seen. Most of what I mentioned as 'negative' things have to do with my personal likings I think. But if they still can be a help to you I'm really happy that I spent half an hour analyzing your picture. You're art really is great, and there barely is anything that could be improved in my opinion, so I hope you'll keep it up and will present some more art like this one in the future (:
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JoJoesArt Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
This was a really well tought out and useful critique! Thank you so much for taking the time to write these words! :heart: And I really understand the criticism! And I also appreciate all your compliments, thank you again! :hug: :D
GoldenEmotions Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you're really welcome! ^^ glad to hear you think of it as useful.
I really don't mind taking time to analyze an artists art. after all, it's useful for the artist and me aswell. I may can help the artist improve a bit, and I can learn from it myself. So... on your next pokedex entry you may get another critique like that again! ;D
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